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Baking Day!

Kids have a break from their studies as we wait for the new school year to begin after we ring in the new year. (Yes, we think it so much easier to begin our school year with the actual calendar … Continue reading

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Homesteading REQUIRES troubleshooting. And often! These days, we are (or have recently been) troubleshooting the following: Chickens for 2017 ~ how many hens do we need for our family’s needs? ~ how many meat chickens do we want? ~ how … Continue reading

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Journeying to the Back of our Property

Farmer, lovingly now called “Cowboy” by Homemaker, strolled to the back of our property with Helper (his idea, of course!) and Athletica. There is always something to learn about this wild land. Here are a couple of videos Farmer took … Continue reading

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Winter at the Trustead

Burrrr… it got cold quickly around here. The day after hardworking Farmer and kids completed the second pasture area, we got our first snowfall. Farmer really wanted to have that pasture area available to our cows before the ground froze. Well, … Continue reading

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Month Three Begins

Month three at the Trustead is as busy as ever! We’ve had our first dinner guests, the pastor and his family from our new church. Nothing says fun to our kids like having 6 new friends to play and spend time … Continue reading

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Beasts and Babes

The other morning was a trainwreck. Okay, that may be an exaggeration. But, nonetheless, it was a hard morning. Farmer and Homemaker trekked out in the cold darkness of early morning feeling weak and blurry-eyed. Waking up at 5 am … Continue reading

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Got milk?

Today was Farmer’s 20th day milking our big gal Venus. Twenty days in a row milking a cow by hand. They say when you do something for 21 days in a row it becomes a habit. Homemaker hasn’t milked Venus … Continue reading

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