Winter at the Trustead

Burrrr… it got cold quickly around here.

The day after hardworking Farmer and kids completed the second pasture area, we got our first snowfall. Farmer really wanted to have that pasture area available to our cows before the ground froze. Well, it was a haul but they finished.

Upon entering church there were a few flurries but as we walked outside after the service, kids were throwing snowballs!

Driving home was shocking as it was so hard to see on those country roads. We dropped off some milk to some friends on our way home and Homemaker remarked how thankful she was that she wasn’t driving. The road could not be distinguished from the snow-covered dirt and gravel. Signs were unreadable because of the wind and snow.

Beautiful to behold but certainly nothing to take lightly.

The kids have LOVED the snow. As soon as we moved in they talked excitedly about sledding down “our hill.” Homemaker couldn’t see the hill they saw. Well, they had a vision and have made the vision a reality! Compared to our little lot in the city where they pulled one another on the sled around the house (which WAS fun for them), THIS new country snow experience has been a blast!

Observing the different animal tracks in the fresh snow, walking back in the field and noting how the creek changes, watching the effects of the wind on the land, turning the walkie-talkies to the weather station and listening to the ever changing forecast — all these things and more make wintertime exciting.

And there is the other side to wintertime. Watching the barn thermometer dip below zero degrees during milking time, filling gallon jugs of hot water from the kitchen to the chicken water buckets multiple time a day to keep their water from freezing, checking eggs multiple times a day so they don’t freeze, hearing the sound of mice looking for warmer ground as you are lying in bed, waking to frozen pipes, putting on layer after layer to keep warm and then realizing you forgot to use the bathroom first — these are the things that can make winter seem so unenjoyable.

But then you flip it around and notice:

~ how cool it is that we have fresh milk to drink and didn’t have to battle flies in the barn and how a cow’s teats actually warm your fingers when you are cold

~ we are home all day (thanks to homeschooling!) so we CAN run out with water jugs of hot water and are here to check for eggs without too much effort

~ we haven’t seen any mice IN our home and Farmer isn’t fazed to check on things when we suspect any problems

~ how blessed we are to call on the Lord for help in our time of need

~how thankful we are to have so many layer to put on to keep us toasty in the cold and how grateful we are for a warm home when we return

So, though we just officially welcomed winter, in our hearts we have warmed up to the season. In fact, Homemaker and Farmer just talked recently how thankful they were to begin their cow adventures in the fall as they missed all the buggy, hot weather that is sure to come and cause plenty of challenges itself!

Our winter wonderland!

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We are The Trustead Family. Our family comprises of Farmer, Homemaker, Helper (Son 1), Poet (Daughter 1), Comedian (Son 2), Glitter (Daughter 2), Athletica (Daughter 3), Dimples (Daughter 4), Little Guy (Son 3), Shyness (Daughter 5), and Farm Baby (Son 4)
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