Baking Day!

Kids have a break from their studies as we wait for the new school year to begin after we ring in the new year. (Yes, we think it so much easier to begin our school year with the actual calendar year! We must be oddballs!)

As we bring this year to a close, Homemaker decided to have some learning-filled yet different days for them to enjoy. Day after day with “nothing” to do is the pits! (Another reason we at Trustead school year ’round!) First to experience, though not all the kids were unfamiliar with this: BREAD MAKING DAY!!!!

The night before, Poet (who already knows how to bake soaked bread from scratch) soaked two batches of their go-to bread dough. Homemaker LOVES that her big gal can do this and that she enjoys doing it! And it is GOOD!

Note: We soak our grains when we remember or when time allows to increase nutrition and to aid digestion. Plus, they end up tasting so much better and makes the food cook faster on cook or bake day.

The next day the kids were set up around the island with their aprons on. (Note from Homemaker: Praise You, Lord, for this wonderful place where we can gather together to do things like this!)

Kids taking turns with the mixing of the additional ingredients.

And more mixing!

Little Guy







And, they added the remaining ingredients, mixed, floured, kneaded, shaped, and placed their loaves on the baking pan to rise, then bake.

And because she’s so stinkin’ cute, here’s a picture of our little Shyness who took off her apron and asked to play with Little People instead of knead her ball of dough! Ahhhhh!!!

Only thing better than making the mess is… eating of your labor with lots of yellow, real butter!!!!!!

About Trustead Family

We are The Trustead Family. Our family comprises of Farmer, Homemaker, Helper (Son 1), Poet (Daughter 1), Comedian (Son 2), Glitter (Daughter 2), Athletica (Daughter 3), Dimples (Daughter 4), Little Guy (Son 3), Shyness (Daughter 5), and Farm Baby (Son 4)
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