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Real Trusteading

Ever look up the word homestead or try to define it? How about the word trust? Homestead – the home and adjoining land with any buildings that is occupied usually by a family as its principal residence Homesteading – the act or instance of … Continue reading

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It is Starting to look like a Farm

The Trusted is truly becoming a farm. As you may know, we have a cow, a calf, and twenty-eight chickens ( including our rooster Shiny Red) . A few days ago we got a batch of 20 meat chicks! If … Continue reading

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What’s Up at the Trustead?

It is mid-February here in the far northern reaches of central Illinois and the predicted high today is pushing 70 degrees.  The sun is shining, birds are chirping, cows are enjoying some warm rays and chickens are pecking away at … Continue reading

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A Dawn in the Country – A Poem

The majestic lull of the country air Is broken by the rooster’s crow. The dew is fresh upon the lush green grass As restless cattle low. A mottled sky soon appears overhead; Streaks of red, orange, blue and gold — … Continue reading

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Moo-itations – My Cow Sucks

So, I’m not trying to be edgy or vulgar or anything, but our cow sucks.   I don’t like that word and I only use it myself in the proper sense, so when I say, “Our cow sucks,” I am saying, … Continue reading

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One Lesson Learned on the Farm

Here is one lesson I have (Helper) learned on our farm: Things do not last forever! Nothing on this earth will last forever, except the word of God, the Bible. Farmer’s (my dad) old car is a good example. One … Continue reading

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