A Dawn in the Country – A Poem

The majestic lull of the country air 
Is broken by the rooster’s crow.
The dew is fresh upon the lush green grass
As restless cattle low. 

A mottled sky soon appears overhead;
Streaks of red, orange, blue and gold —
And differing as sundry tints float by,
Each in a diff’rent mold.

Oh, a morn on the country —
‘Tis beyond compare —
Full of sweet aromas, sparkling dew,
And fresh country air!


About Trustead Family

We are The Trustead Family. Our family comprises of Farmer, Homemaker, Helper (Son 1), Poet (Daughter 1), Comedian (Son 2), Glitter (Daughter 2), Athletica (Daughter 3), Dimples (Daughter 4), Little Guy (Son 3), Shyness (Daughter 5), and Farm Baby (Son 4)
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  1. john says:

    What a wonderful poem. Thank you Saraina!

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