Don’t Waste Your Sickness

Today was a day when we can see that we have plans but it’s the plans of the Lord that stand.

Vomit. Yep. And over the last 6 weeks or so, we’ve had five of us to fight through it. And one person got it three times over these weeks! Anyway, Farmer and Homemaker woke to one kid not feeling so well. That meant we were all quarantined. Can’t mess around with vomit, folks.

So as we waited for the healing to come, we planned to watch our church’s service online. (Gotta love technology.) So, all eleven of us gathered in our family room and Farmer set it up. We sang a few song as we waited for it to begin. But, it never worked. Some technical difficulties, we suppose. (Ahhh, doesn’t technology make you crazy sometimes!)

Farmer didn’t waste any time. He had us turn our Bibles to where we are in our family reading plan, Luke 13. And it was sweet. In the midst of sickness and frustration, we sought the Lord, our creator and sustainer and… we experienced His sufficiency.

The Farmer-man ended our time reading a prayer from the Valley of Vision. Check it out below. May you enjoy reading it as well. And may you know the All-Sufficient God who beckons each of us to come to Him.

God All-Sufficient

About Trustead Family

We are The Trustead Family. Our family comprises of Farmer, Homemaker, Helper (Son 1), Poet (Daughter 1), Comedian (Son 2), Glitter (Daughter 2), Athletica (Daughter 3), Dimples (Daughter 4), Little Guy (Son 3), Shyness (Daughter 5), and Farm Baby (Son 4)
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