Was This Really Only One Day?

There are only 24 hours in a day. We know this but today it didn’t feel like it. Here’s a glimpse at our wacky, long day.

~Mow, mow, mow. Farmer, Helper and Comedian mowed a ton of the wild area

~Helper, Comedian, and Little Guy were heading back from the field to take a break. Helper was way ahead and he saw something in the grass and walked over it without touching whatever it was. As soon as he was passed it he turned around and saw that the IT was a snake.

Not just any snake, folks, but we think it was one of the three venomous snakes in our area.

After Helper used a shovel and killed the snake, Comedian shows us how long it was.

Say hello to the Yellow Timber Rattlesnake, folks.

While the boys didn’t know that the snake was poisonous, they did react fast.

~Venus was acting super strange. All day she kept walking toward or look at the barn, like she just wanted to be in her stall. Big girl even mooed as she looked longingly at the barn.

Farmer was in the field doing his thing when the littler kids playing in the front scream, “Venus! Venus is coming!” Low and behold, Helper made it right in time to stop Venus, who was free range at that point, walk right in one door of the barn and almost out the other door! Craziness.

Later Farmer checked her out and her breathing was quite fast. And later there was a long strand of mucus dripping from her vulva. We must be getting close for her to give birth.

~Kids had a grand time playing in the water and enjoying the sunshine today. What is funny about this was we didn’t have a a pump to pump up the pools so what did Farmer use? Our shop vac! Got it done!

~Chickens were free range today and always provide entertainment.

Wonder what tomorrow will bring?

About Trustead Family

We are The Trustead Family. Our family comprises of Farmer, Homemaker, Helper (Son 1), Poet (Daughter 1), Comedian (Son 2), Glitter (Daughter 2), Athletica (Daughter 3), Dimples (Daughter 4), Little Guy (Son 3), Shyness (Daughter 5), and Farm Baby (Son 4)
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