A Month Ends

A month comes to an end.

We made our goal of posting here every day. Wahoo!

We have an increase of eggs coming in each day AND the ratio of layers to eggs being collected every day is high.

Our meaties are getting bigger and we are planning to cull half of them next weekend and the other half the following weekend. (Bigtime praise as my grocery budget will be affected for the good!!) And soon there will be no crowing at 4:15 in the morning!

Venus is continuing to show signs of edging nearer and nearer to calving. Oh how we look forward to milk again… though it will be a lot more work as well.

Calfie is eating lots of grass and getting thicker around his midsection and is just as playful and wild as can be. We sure do enjoy having him.

Bacon and Sausage are visually getting plumper and amuse us with their playful antics.

Our pullets are healthy, loving the grass and are getting into the groove of having a rooster around since we took two of our meaties and have delegated  them to be roosters for our 50+ soon-to-be hens.

Rosy is still catching mice and allowing kids to pick her up and put her in the red wagon for fun.

Farmer is thankful the kale is growing.

Kids are thankful they’ve been getting a lot of “days off” from school.

And me, I’m thankful for all of the above. And my dishwasher.

About Homemaker

I'm a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ, redeemed by grace. I love my funny husband and my 9 (all unique) kiddos. I'm a former public school teacher that now homeschools and am thankful to be able to do so. I've done the city thing, the 'burb thing, and now rural life. And there is nothing good in me apart from Christ my Savior!
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