Don’t Waste Your Farming

Ahhh, the good life longed for.  The rustic rooster crowing you to wake in the morning as you casually stroll out to the sweet country breeze driving you along to effortless chores performed with skill and ease…all to the tune of “Oh, What a Beautiful Morning”.

Shiny Red crowing, summoning his girls.

Children by your side laboring heartily with smiles on their faces….

And Homemaker gently calls out from the inside “Come on in y’all, breakfast is on”.

Life in the country, a taste of heaven.


Our now crowing meaties.

This is the real world and nothing goes the way we want, when we want or how we want.  The crowing ain’t so rustic when its 20+ birds starting at 4:30 am!

Get the point?

Several years ago John Piper wrote “Don’t Waste Your Life”. I picked up a copy at Goodwill (you’ll find a lot of them there) and actually read some of it.  Good stuff but I don’t have much time for reading and tend to fall asleep when I do.

So I may not have caught all the points but I think the main point was:

Don’t waste your life primarily pursuing temporal things (i.e, you fill in the blank with whatever….food, money, vacations, cars, tractors, cows, super large families, etc).  Rather, spend yourself in relationship with God and finding your joy in knowing and serving Him.  That is the key to not “wasting” your life. (We’ve referred to this concept before.)

Here’s my take on this and how it intersects with our homesteading.

Whether what we are pursuing is good or bad it can, and often does, become an idol.  Idols are bogus and rob us of the joy that is ours when God is on the throne of our hearts.

I don’t want to waste my farming.

I don’t want it to be an idol that drives me to madness in pursuit of the awesome garden or a bountiful cow or  abundant eggs!

But I gotta confess, it’s an idol. 

Oh yeah, big time.

When I snap at the kids for stepping on my babies (veggie plants), or get irritated with the Homemaker when the meal isn’t on the table right when I get in (could have spent more time on another chore), or just get depressed because my idol isn’t satisfying me by performing as I want it to (my garden is an abject failure)…I know it’s an idol!

It has usurped the throne of the only one deserving of that throne.

And it’s my fault!  I put it there!  I did it!

Here’s the thing – you’re no better than me.  You got your own idols so don’t go feeling proud or upright like you’re squeaky clean.

My point is, I don’t want to waste my farming by bowing down to it as if it were God.

It’s only a means of knowing Him better.  It’s only a means of knowing Him better.  It’s only a means of knowing Him better.

Thrice times means for real!

Farming is simply another task that allows me to see and experience God’s goodness, wisdom, kindness, provision, mercy, generosity, faithfulness, patience, love, grace, power, mystery, creativity, wealth, dominion and ever abiding presence.

Farming will never satisfy me.

God will.  Forever.

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