He Was Too Fast For Me (But Not For Rosy!)

Yesterday morning as I made my way to the barn to release the cows, something caught my attention in the garden. I glanced over and there he was….

… that waskly wabbit!

What was he doing in there? Eating my veggies for sure!

I trotted over as quickly as I could and hopped the fence. I wanted to catch this little booger – both to keep him out of the garden and to give him to Comedian. He had caught some rabbits several weeks ago and was trying to raise them for meat; but they escaped when the door was left unclasped and he was left heartbroken.

I tried to corner him but he slipped past me. He was trying to jump out of the garden but the chicken wire fence blocked his escape route and bounced him back in time after time. I tried to catch him and was running around like crazed Old Mr McGregor.

We have all loved The Tale of Peter Rabbit.

But he was too fast for me.

I said to myself, “How did Comedian catch those rabbits?”

Ah…a bucket, of course! I glanced over toward the pond where two buckets stood nearby and ran over to fetch one.

I grabbed the bucket and ran back to the rabbit certain I would find success this time around! But as soon as I would get near him, he would slip by me again and again.

He was too fast for me!

Finally after we both were running around in circles going nowhere, he found the way out (which is almost surely the way he came in) – the gate!

The gate is a section of wire fence and is not covered with chicken wire.

He slipped right through the openings at the bottom, which are small but not small enough to keep a young rabbit out.

“Oh well,” I thought. “Let him go.”

But out of the corner of my eye I sensed Rosy taking off after him around the corner of the barn. I wondered if she would be fast enough to catch him?

I made my way into the barn, passed the cows and opened up the “garage” door at the far east side.

Behold, a rabbit on the ground with Rosy nearby! Had she killed him?

I quickly walked over to pick him up and as I was bending over, vroom….up he sprang and ran off to the wild land that borders our front lawn.

As quick as a momma cow moos when she can’t see her calf, Rosy sprinted off like Flo Jo and snagged the rabbit in a heartbeat. Wow! Impressive work. Sign her up for the Kitty Olympics!

This time she kept the critter in her mouth till I was nearby and plopped him down for me to pick up… which I gladly did!

I told Comedian he could either keep the rabbit or I would slaughter him and feed ‘em to the pigs.

Comedian seemed pretty excited to keep him so looks like he’s giving rabbit raising another go.

He was too fast for me, but not for Rosy!

Rosy, our star

Now, that’s what I call turning a problem into a solution!

The waskly wabbit… caught!

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