Rosy, Our Barn Cat

Rosy, our barn cat, is a long, gray, white, and black cat. She is an excellent hunter, and has caught rabbits, moles, mice, birds, and Comedian claims that she’s even killed a small rat!

She can be cute.

Us children pet her and play with her, but it must be understood that Rosy is NOT a pet, just a barn cat. Some of us, (me included), can make her come to us by clapping and calling her name.

Comedian and Athletica hold her by grasping the fur of her back neck. To me, when they do that, it looks dreadful. If you do it the right way, however, it doesn’t hurt her.

Sharpening her claws to be able to climb better…


She displays her playful obstinacy by perpetually going in the garden by leaping easily over the fence. She doesn’t even touch the fence while she jumps over it!

Once, Rosy was perched on the barn door’s handle, then pushed her feet off of it to jump up and squeeze through the narrow opening at the top!!! She’s amazing.

So far, we’ve been totally satisfied with her and are not regretting that we got her. I like her a lot, as I’m sure most of us do.

Rosy, our barn cat.

If she would only stop getting into the garden and pooping in it, then she’d be a perfect barn cat!

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