Picture of the Day: Getting Them In


Here they are, refusing to get inside.

Farmer decided it was time not just for Calfie but his mama, Venus, to be processed. Big Pig was forced in earlier and was in the front part of the trailer with the divider up.

There was nothing easy about getting those animals in. But, thanks be to God, all three got in and we were able to drive to the meat locker, get them unloaded and filled out the quite extensive “cut sheet.”

Now, we wait about three weeks for them to age then… we dine!

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I'm a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ, redeemed by grace. I love my funny husband and my 9 (all unique) kiddos. I'm a former public school teacher that now homeschools and am thankful to be able to do so. I've done the city thing, the 'burb thing, and now rural life. And there is nothing good in me apart from Christ my Savior!
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