We Thank You, Our Provider

.. for the leaves that dangle from the autumn trees …

We thank You, Our Provider,
F0r the food we eat,
For the clothes we wear,
For the sun and the moon
And the grass everywhere.
For the leaves that dangle
On the autumn trees,
For the summer that has passed
With its exasperating bees,
And for the wonderful deeds
You have done this year.

We thank You, Our Provider,
For the things we dislike:
For the blizzards and the hailstorms,
The snow and the ice.
For trials and temptations,
For discomfort and pain;
Just help us to bear them,
And we’ll remember again
All the wonderful deeds.

We thank You, Our Provider,
For brothers brave and sisters sweet,
For mother dear and father wise,
For friends and family alike,
For beds in which we sleep and rise,
For the farm that You have given us,
Along with all our animals.
Thank You for our grassy fields,
For all their nooks and knolls.
Thank You for the wonderful deeds
You have done this year.

I thank You, My Provider,
For ev’ry drop of blood You shed,
On that cruel tree,
For all the shame and misery
You endured for me.
In response to that, O Lord,
To give my life, my soul,
To always live for You, and
Your glory is my goal.
Thank You for redeeming me,
For it has been,
The most wonderful deed
You have done all these years.


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