What Do You Do When Things Go Wrong?

Well, it is a sparkling day outside. Cold? Yes. But the sun is shining on the snowy landscape making it easy to marvel at God’s wondrous love. It does help that some of our landscape blemishes are temporarily hidden by the blanket of white.

Taking a closer look at how things on the Trustead Farm are going one would see, hopefully, how God’s sovereignty rules even when all is going wrong, humanly speaking.

Here are a few areas we are actively TRUSTing our great God to reveal His desire for us:

~ Power outages. Power outages are virtually non-existant when we were chilling in the city. And when the occasional one did come our way, it was much easier to manage.

In the country when you have animals to consider, things get more complicated. Add a bunch of kids, a “rattlebang” van, and a well that is operated electrically, temptation to grumble rises!

So, we will need a solution as water is imperative for all living things and when our well is out, we are in a bind. No water comes into the house. No water works outside for the animals. Thankfully, we have not been in that situation too often.

~ A “rattlebang” van. Have you ever read A Rattlebang Picnic? Ahhhh… it is one of my favorite picture books as it kinda sums up how we roll. Anyway, our van is a “rattlebang.” HOWEVER, the Lord has graciously allowed us to make it to our destination and home again EACH TIME. (Barring the one time the starter went out! But he also had all 7 kids, Granny Homemaker, and me squeeze into a little red car to make it home!)

~ An unbred cow. I personally have lost count of how many times we have tried to get June the Cow bred back. Farmer knows her cycle, we have a super farm friend who brings the AI things to us and does the deed, the kids notice when she is in heat, and I can almost see a difference in her milk output. Yet, once pregnant, she seems to keep miscarrying.

Since the entire reason we have June the Cow is to provide our family with milk, we have a dilemma.

We’ve already experienced dealing with a cow that had to be “put in the freezer” (Venus the Cow), while the grass-fed beef is DELICIOUS, we don’t have the $$ to drop on a new cow.

SOOOOOO… what’s a trusteading family to do?


~ Power outages. First, we pray for those in far worse circumstances (i.e. Puerto Rico) to have what they need and ulimately have their greatest need met (knowing the Savior). Then, we trust Him for each little step and smile knowing He will provide it in the right timing.

Also, we give thanks for children who can have a blast making tents with blankets and playing with flashlights giggling, totally unconcerned!

~ Our van. This is too simple to type but… we thank Him for His provision, that we owe nothing on it, that it truly does get us to church and back, the occasional library run, and fulfills the monthly or so farm needs (i.e. hauling our trailer full of alfalfa hay or me picking up 16 forty pound bags of organic animal feed from a local organic feed coop we learned about).

AND, we can truly see His answer to prayer as sometimes we pray while experiencing some van trouble only to realize moments later that He has miraculously stopped the smell or unsettling sound! HE IS GOOD!

~ June the Cow. We thank Him for all the milk we’ve had since we’ve purchased her and KNOW He has a plan. And we simply petition Him for wisdom and direction for the next steps. Hey, sometimes we can make mistakes. And sometimes the “mistakes” are simply His way of getting us to make some adjustments or change our direction. Either way, we KNOW He will provide!

In closing, troubles comes… even when doing the country / farm / homesteading thang. May we not “sweat it” but instead smile at His providence in our midst.

About Homemaker

I'm a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ, redeemed by grace. I love my funny husband and my 9 (all unique) kiddos. I'm a former public school teacher that now homeschools and am thankful to be able to do so. I've done the city thing, the 'burb thing, and now rural life. And there is nothing good in me apart from Christ my Savior!
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