Random Winter Pictures of Joyful Moments

Joy should be found in the small things.

Here is a report of thankfulfulness to the Lord for blessing us with countless small experiences that bring us joy.

Music of a big sister and a little farm boy

Enough pork chops for our whole fam AND to have grown them ourselves.

Farm Baby getting his first haircut

Bye bye long, wild curly hair!

The almost one year old Farm Baby soon-to-be Farm Toddler. Isn’t he adorable!

Our new calf, Frisky, we are growing to be in the freezer next year.

Roses from my Prince Farmer!

Our apple trees in the snow

A dream that is now a reality. Eggs, delicious eggs! And almost 3 dozen a day!

Our own grass fed beef!


Hey, this was fun! Maybe I’ll add some more pics again soon. Always good to be reminded of the Lord’s kindnesses!

About Homemaker

I'm a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ, redeemed by grace. I love my funny husband and my 9 (all unique) kiddos. I'm a former public school teacher that now homeschools and am thankful to be able to do so. I've done the city thing, the 'burb thing, and now rural life. And there is nothing good in me apart from Christ my Savior!
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