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R * I * P

I had high hopes for today – lots of plans and an expectation that we would get some boxes checked off on the to-do list.  The early morning was pleasant as I walked Venus and Calfie to the back forty … Continue reading

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He Was Too Fast For Me (But Not For Rosy!)

Yesterday morning as I made my way to the barn to release the cows, something caught my attention in the garden. I glanced over and there he was…. … that waskly wabbit! What was he doing in there? Eating my … Continue reading

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Don’t Waste Your Farming

Ahhh, the good life longed for.  The rustic rooster crowing you to wake in the morning as you casually stroll out to the sweet country breeze driving you along to effortless chores performed with skill and ease…all to the tune … Continue reading

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The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Out here in big sky country beauty surrounds us.  Both the sunrise and the sunset were awesome today!  I only caught the sunset though. But it’s not all champagne wishes and caviar dreams here at the Trustead.  We’re redeeming the … Continue reading

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If We Were To Get Another Animal

I would get another Jersey Cow. Hands down, no question about it. In a heartbeat, if funds and availability turned up. She would be around 4 or 5 and bred back (pregnant) for the fall. If she had a calf, … Continue reading

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Homemaker Gets Countryfied!

Homemaker gets on the rider for the first time and is luvin’ it. Watch out! Kids follow close behind on their bikes while the wild one gets the grass cut. She’s officially gone country now!

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One Step Forward, Three Steps Backward

This past week we’ve experienced more of our typical wind tunnel blasts of prolonged 30 mph + winds.  Also a violent rainstorm.  Pretty cool stuff but the tomatoes we planted last weekend, well, a lot of them are toast.  I … Continue reading

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Out of Darkness, Light

When we moved into The Truststead last August, the place was trashed.  I’m referring primarily to the land though the house needed a lot of fixes also. When I look around today and compare it to what it was ….wow!  … Continue reading

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Piggies at Play

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