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We Thank You, Our Provider

We thank You, Our Provider, F0r the food we eat, For the clothes we wear, For the sun and the moon And the grass everywhere. For the leaves that dangle On the autumn trees, For the summer that has passed … Continue reading

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Rosy, Our Barn Cat

Rosy, our barn cat, is a long, gray, white, and black cat. She is an excellent hunter, and has caught rabbits, moles, mice, birds, and Comedian claims that she’s even killed a small rat! Us children pet her and play … Continue reading

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No Breezes, Just Wind

Wind, wind, wind. Does it ever go away? Whistling through windows, bending trees, rustling leaves, and waving long grasses. It really never stops. At least not on the Trustead. A few days ago, in the nighttime, I was suddenly awakened … Continue reading

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Farmsteading – A Poem

Fun times, Apple trees, Rainbow rays, Mink attacks, Snakes in field, Tornado warnings, Escaping calves, Animal chores, Dead bunnies, Inventing strategies, Nests full of eggs — GOD IN CONTROL!!!!

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Sausage and Bacon

Our two pigs’ names are Sausage and Bacon. Sausage is longer and a bit bigger than young Bacon, who sticks close to Sausage. Both are castrated male Red Waddle pigs, and are reddish brown. They are unbelievably cute. I am … Continue reading

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My Morning Chores

This morning at about 7:00 am, I slipped on my boots and zipped up my coat to do my usual morning animal chores. After opening the door, I headed straight to the garage in which are the baby pullets that … Continue reading

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