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Pictures of the Day: Animals

Foggy, wet day around here. Not much time being spent outdoors beyond the farmwork that must get done. Rex, our Anatolian Shepherd farm dog, behind the fence in the first pasture. The three bovine happy to be free to roam… Ducks…Our … Continue reading

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Is the Tide Changing?

How the Lord works. After only gathering a few eggs or so a day, our old birds (the ones who survived the devastating predator attacks) plus four “teenage” new hens we added, we surpassed a dozen eggs today. FIFTEEN. Not … Continue reading

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Seeing the Difference

My Farmer husband does the majority of our grocery shopping.  We figure he’s already out, follows my list to the ‘tee,’ and so it just makes sense. Anyway, I haven’t put “eggs” on my Grocery List for a while. The … Continue reading

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Country Schoolin’ – Harvesting and Planting Our Food

We do school on Saturdays. Yep. Six days a week. And I’m not sorry for it. The reality is – there is ALWAYS something to learn, and hopefully enjoy in the process. This Saturday we scrapped the paper and pencils … Continue reading

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Our Meat Birds

  Our now 3-month-old black jersey giants are quite hilarious! They all just started so, so small! Often, I feel like it was just yesterday when we were going to the post office to get them.   I (Helper) brought … Continue reading

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Cleaning the Garage

Ever notice how many building are on farms? A lot, eh? Now that we’ve got 100 animals we house and care for, we understand why so many outbuildings are necessary on the farm. Besides our home, we’ve got a barn, … Continue reading

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The Predator

A predator decided to strike just after Farm Baby was born, perfect timing! As the legend goes, late one night Farmer (my dad), about to enter the barn, sees a critter running out of a stall right next to our … Continue reading

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What’s Up at the Trustead?

It is mid-February here in the far northern reaches of central Illinois and the predicted high today is pushing 70 degrees.  The sun is shining, birds are chirping, cows are enjoying some warm rays and chickens are pecking away at … Continue reading

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