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Picture of the Day: Getting Them In

  Here they are, refusing to get inside. Farmer decided it was time not just for Calfie but his mama, Venus, to be processed. Big Pig was forced in earlier and was in the front part of the trailer with … Continue reading

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A Month Ends

A month comes to an end. We made our goal of posting here every day. Wahoo! We have an increase of eggs coming in each day AND the ratio of layers to eggs being collected every day is high. Our … Continue reading

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Farmsteading – A Poem

Fun times, Apple trees, Rainbow rays, Mink attacks, Snakes in field, Tornado warnings, Escaping calves, Animal chores, Dead bunnies, Inventing strategies, Nests full of eggs — GOD IN CONTROL!!!!

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Was This Really Only One Day?

There are only 24 hours in a day. We know this but today it didn’t feel like it. Here’s a glimpse at our wacky, long day. ~Mow, mow, mow. Farmer, Helper and Comedian mowed a ton of the wild area … Continue reading

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How Does Your Garden Grow?

Trustead, Trustead, longing for Jesus How does your garden grow? Four boys, five girls,¬†learning and playing And ten acres of land to sow. They are our indoor garden growing super fast and strong. That is our reality. Trusting in Jesus. … Continue reading

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Homemaker Gets Countryfied!

Homemaker gets on the rider for the first time and is luvin’ it. Watch out! Kids follow close behind on their bikes while the wild one gets the grass cut. She’s officially gone country now!

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Our Meat Birds

  Our now 3-month-old black jersey giants are quite hilarious! They all just started so, so small! Often, I feel like it was just yesterday when we were going to the post office to get them. ¬† I (Helper) brought … Continue reading

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Cleaning the Garage

Ever notice how many building are on farms? A lot, eh? Now that we’ve got 100 animals we house and care for, we understand why so many outbuildings are necessary on the farm. Besides our home, we’ve got a barn, … Continue reading

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Don’t Waste Your Sickness

Today was a day when we can see that we have plans but it’s the plans of the Lord that stand. Vomit. Yep. And over the last 6 weeks or so, we’ve had five of us to fight through it. … Continue reading

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Country-Schoolin’ – An Overview

For us, homeschooling in the country has been so much better for us trusteaders. Kids seem to be learning and experiencing so much that is concrete, beneficial and transferable. Though it doesn’t mean books are thrown out the window. Oh … Continue reading

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