What is the Trustead?

Proverbs 3:5-6 says,

Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make straight your paths.

That verse began as our marriage verse 15 years ago and shortly turned into our family verse once kiddos started arriving. Then it became our homeschool verse. We even named our homeschool in light of it, Wisdom 356 Homeschool.

But, after dreaming, hoping, desiring, and then letting go of our longings, the LORD moved in ways we never imagined!

Here’s our story of how The Trustead came to be…

2001 – Met in Chicago, brother-and-sister-in-Christ, friends, fell in love, married after 6 week engagement, now Farmer vows to stay in the City.

2003 – Move out East desiring to be closer to family and thinking city life may not be what we envisioned and go for the ‘burbs.

2004 – Become parents as Son A arrives!!!

2005 – Daughter A arrives and find out Son A has peanut and egg allergy.

2007 – Son B arrives and we relocate from Maryland to Illinois thinking cost of living will be better away from the nation’s capital. Taste one tomato from a random volunteer plant in our city backyard and make a note to grow our own next year!

2008 – Daughter B arrives and find out Son B is allergic to peanut and egg as well. Grew our first tomato plants from seed and LOVED the results!

2009 – Daughter B allergic to store-bought milk and this is when we SERIOUSLY began evaluating WHAT we were eating and putting into our bodies. Make the big switch from box to scratch cooking, using real ingredients. Farmer expands garden, stops drinking soda and health changes dramatically. Begin eating organic and cutting out all refined sweeteners and limiting sugar intake in general. AND… taste real milk for the first time… AHHHHH… raw milk. Cut out eating out and other splurges to make the switch a reality. Daughter B thrives on raw milk!!! Daughter C born – Coombs Positive and we end up in a HORRIBLE hospital situation (just another one, really). Homemaker vows no more to hospital births… Lord-willing, of course!

2010 – Growing enough tomatoes to provide for our family for a year and finding it lots of work but so beneficial.

2011 – Daughter D born – Coombs Positive as well BUT… at HOME and all couldn’t have been easier, safer, and as pleasant as could be! Garden continues to grow… and so does our desire for our own chickens!!! But in our city, they are a no go.

2012 – Son C born at HOME and plays out just like our first home birth. Dream about moving to the country but are so under water with our mortgage, think it could never happen. Continue to expand and work the garden and our methods of preserving our harvest.

2013 – Daughter E born at HOME… the sweetest birth yet!

2015 – 1st miscarriage. Learn a lot as we are forced to see this through the lens of His Word. Grow in our love and trust in the Savior. He is so good!

2016 – 2nd and 3rd miscarriages. Thinking our string of children has ended. Also, resign to dying in our city home and resort to fixing it up and making it a place we will all really be thankful… and we are!


Friends at church started selling homes and moving… and we began to desire that country life again and dared to TRUST in the LORD with all our hearts and see if that was His will, our path, He was calling us on.

SO after getting our city home just about how we wanted it, we put it up for sale and… it SOLD… pretty quickly.


Our Special Eight standing in front of our old home for the last time

But, we ended up being homeless for about 2.5 months and unexpectedly (to us, not the Lord!) we found ourselves living where we not have chosen, with Farmer’s folks about 3.5 hours from where we had been living. Farmer had to commute on the weekends to be with Homemaker and our Special Eight and it was H-A-R-D… yet… it was REAL, REAL SWEET at the same time!

Relationships were deepened and strengthened in ways we never imagined. Isn’t that like the Lord?!

But, to end this LONG story, we finally closed on August 23, 2016 and Farmer and Homemaker moved all our stuff into our new homestead… THE TRUSTEAD. The name is simply a combo of what we believe He was calling us to: to TRUST Him to provide a HOMESTEAD where we could live for Him, in the way we believe He was calling us to live, by working hard working the land, raising food for our crew (and hopefully others!), and ULTIMATELY be living testimonies to what HE, the LORD JESUS CHRIST can do. To Him be the glory. Great things He has done!

first dinner at Trustead

Farmer with the Special Eight our first dinner at The Trustead

May many be encouraged to live how He is calling them… for His glory alone!